Write a 5 page essay on A Reflective Paper.This calls for the strategic intervention of the human resource manager or the HR. the HR has many duties which include recruitment of the workforce, human r

Write a 5 page essay on A Reflective Paper.

This calls for the strategic intervention of the human resource manager or the HR. the HR has many duties which include recruitment of the workforce, human resource development, benefits and compensation, safety and health and enhancing better employee and labor relations. These factors are instrumental to the success of the organization and the approach that is taken by the HR to achieve this largely defines the success of the organization in achieving its objectives. To achieve these HR functions and responsibility and ensuring a culture of performance in the organization, the HR has to adopt an operation excellence approach that ensures making of benchmarks in the global market today. Schuler & Jackson (2007) define operation excellence as a set of strategic results that an organization aims to achieve over specific time, as demonstrated by factors such as strategic improvement in all the areas of concern, sustained improvement in all departments of an organization and laying down strategies to achieve high benchmark results. These are the essential driving forces behind a globalised approach in HR functions. Human resource recruitment, planning and selection One of the most important functions of the HR is to recruit, and critically plan on human resource that would be entrusted with the task of ensuring the success of meeting objectives in the organization. Largely, the recruited employees and staff have a large impact towards the performance of the organization in meeting its objectives. According to Brumfitt et al (2001), the complexity and extensive recruitment criteria that is involved in workforce recruitment has led many companies to hire consultancy firms in recruiting its workforce. In the current highly competitive market, this approach by the HR might not offer a competitive workforce, and it is the role of the HR to ensure that employees are recruited as per extensive criteria that rhymes with the philosophy of the organization. Johnston and Johnston a leader in pharmaceuticals has such criteria that portray leadership in employee recruitment. The criteria involve more than 60 guidelines that guide the recruitment process and is highly integrated and linked with the philosophy of the company (Beiske, 2003). Such recruitment criteria would ensure that the process has a good fit and is well integrated to the values of the individual and the culture of the organization. The resulting workforce would lead to a culture of performance excellence. The use of assessment centers where prospective employees are critically evaluated over a short time has also proven to be instrumental in the recruitment process. Human resources development Human resources development ensures that employees are occasionally trained to meet the expected performance of a globalised market as well as improving their performance skills. It is the role of HR to plan, manage and implement occasional training of the workforce to ensure sustainable and consistent performance of the workforce. According to Saiyadin (2009) GlaxoSmithKline a giant pharmaceutical has some of the best global human resource development strategies. The company uses assessment centers where each employee has to undergo assessment after a certain time to compare their skills with the required skills to perform the expected duties. The center reveals areas of weaknesses and