Write a 3 page essay on Service Request.They can be a presentation done in the data flow diagrams, DFD and their processes. DFD’s design allows increasing level of details with each level where they f

Write a 3 page essay on Service Request.

They can be a presentation done in the data flow diagrams, DFD and their processes. DFD’s design allows increasing level of details with each level where they further divide into sub-process until they reach an indivisible sub process. Service Request system will cater for both the employee of the company and visitors who will be visiting the company website. The process design will have two components in which, one will have employee’s data and can only be accessible by the employees through security details. (Szalapaj, 2005) The second will be open to the visitors and the customer for a service request from the company and those gathering information about the company, its services and products but are not in a state of placing order now. The human resource department will be the general administrator of the system to assign the employee tasks of seeing through the customer request have been the fulfillment. This is the manager’s task who is also an employee of the company. His responsibility includes managing the whole information system, talk with clients, and look into sales, the accounting. Architecture of this service request system application incorporates both server/client and internet/intranet technology. Professionals in Human resource department will access the system to HR on-line through the web-based service and client/server for human resource functions. By up grading of the HRSR application mostly provides pure internet architecture more stable environment for operation. Added advantage for this is allowing the client or service requester access the application without installing since it is on their web browser. The system should have the capability to merge HRM processes and activities with the information technology field. (Rosenblatt, 2011) This is where data programming process involves the system into standardized routines and packages of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. ERP systems software has features of collecting information from different applications into one universal database. This is an added advantage since linkage of human resource modules through one database makes the system application both flexible and rigid. Highest level of security is a primary advantage of the upgrading of the application. Service request system should remain as a protected application that they afford to it. Introduction of registering or signing up for the accounts, for the purpose accessing system. The upgrading of the system should result to the collection of any new data and the third party would not be in a position to access any new services. The goal of the system should be to deliver service to the customer and the employee that is more efficient, faster and enhances the credibility of the system. Providing customer and employees, with a mechanism of viewing and updating their own personal information. The goal of service delivery leads to its attainment. The system security administrator will trace system changes to individual system users. Limiting access is a security measure where employees with computerized personnel records do not perform the same functions as their peers. This helps in audit trails and internal security (Accounting: smart Pros: Payroll and security: A Great combination.) The system architecture should have the capability to keep track of the employee information as personal informat