Why Study Finance?

Why Study Finance?.


  1. Why Study Finance?
  1. Marketplace/Recruitment
  1. Investment Banker’s Bonuses Jump 25%
  1. Wall Street bonus up, Life Styles Aren’t
  1. CSFB Doles Out Hefty Pay Package to Retain Bankers

Please summarize each of the above articles. All the summaries (including the article 6 which you will pick at your own. See below!) should not be more than two typed pages in total (single spaced). That is, you will write a paragraph or more on each article and you will turn in not more than 2 typed pages in total.  These articles are waiting for your attention under the file titled “Assignments Articles” on BB!

After developing summaries of the above articles please search for a recent article (within the last one year or so) related to the compensation (bonuses) of financial executives. It may be easier to find articles in the area of investment banking area. I presented you above five articles related to the compensations and bonuses in the past. Now you will find a current article and I am sure that you will see “continuity”. That is, good or bad weather, the market place in the free market economy, rewards generously to the financial executives.  Please develop a summary of the current article which you will find at your own. That is you will turn in a total of 6 summaries. You must put the title of article as shown above before presenting the brief summary of each article.    Also please attach the PRINT copy of the article which you will find at your own.  Do not just put the URL link or a reference without attaching the print copy.

Why Study Finance?

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