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Please Answer the following questions by seeing the movie from the links provided above.


1) What marketing decision(s) threatened the lego company’s future?

  a. Expanding their product line

  b. Not staying committed to their foundational product

  c. Not listening to their customers

  d. A and D

  e. All of the above

2) Spending time at a police station to explore and understand the context and storyline for a new lego product is an example of which type of operations management decision?

  a. Design of goods and services

  b. process and capacity design

  c. Location strategy

  d, Managing quality

  e. Layout Strategy

3) Choosing to build 65 ft. high cathedrals to store product, rather than many more, shorter racks, is a ______________________________________ operations management decision, one which was made to conserve square footage on the production facility floor, as well as property costs, Using computer controlled robots to move product from production to storage in the cathedrals and to decoration and packaging as a ___________________________________________ operations management decision.

4)  In 2006, Lego laid off 1,200 workers and ended production in the U.S. The company contracted out production of basic lego bricks to Singapore-based electronics manufacturer Flextronics, which operates factories in Mexico and eastern Europe. This action addressed which two of the ten operations management decision types?

Select one:

  a. Supply chain management

  b. Scheduling

  c. Managing quality

  d, Design of goods and services

  e. Human resources and job design

  f. Location Strategy

  g. Layout Strategy

  h. Process and capacity design

  i. Maintenance

  j. Inventory management