Tour 372 Tourism And Hospitality Practicum

This assignment is divided into two parts:
Part A:
Being able to research your industry before applying to the job is a crucial skill that one should master. In this assignment, list and describe the 3 emerging themes as identified in the British Columbia Labor Market Outlook Report 2018, then:Describe how you will respond and to each theme, as you develop your personal approach to job search. Tourism And Hospitality Practicum

Part B:
In the second part of this assignment, using various career websites, identify two sectors that interest you and compare and contrast them with the following criteria:
• Overview of the job
• Conditions of the job
• Wages/ Salary
• Location
• Growth opportunities
• Other criteria you might feel are relevant.
After completing your comparison, reflect on which of these 2 sectors appeals to you most and why
Tourism And Hospitality Practicum

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