This short paper is for a photography class.

This short paper is for a photography class. The assignment is as follows: Write a visual analysis (how it looks, how the paint is applied or form is textured, the placement of figure (if any), objects or shapes within the work, the modeling, color harmony, the play of light and shadow, etc) of the attached piece of art work and place it within discussion of Richard Avedon’s style of photography. Use paragraphs to organize your discussion. The person who will be grading this assignment very highly prefers a clear, concise and to the point writing style. Not too simple, though. Additionally, the following few points should be kept in mind when writing this short essay: – Avoid word choice like very, interesting, etc…Basically avoid general word choices…specifically describe everything- No contractions (isn’t = bad…change to ‘is not’) – Written in 3rd person, present tense, title in italics – Avoid using colloquialisms (attached a pdf with a common list of them to avoid) No header/title/name/date/etc is needed. Times New Roman, 12pt font, double spaced. 2 pages. Thank you very much for your help and time. Link to work of art: