The Preston Co., located in Kansas City, Kansas, has a strong commitment to its community.

The Preston Co., located in Kansas City, Kansas, has a strong commitment to its community. Employees at all levels have agreed they would like to do something to support community needs, as they have chosen a local shelter for homeless people as a charity they would like to help. After an extensive brainstorming process, they identified several ways they could help the shelter, including a work party, serving meals, holding a raffle, and sponsoring a 10 kilometer run. They assessed advantages and disadvantages of each option and decided they would like to sponsor a 10K run because it would generate funds for donation as well as draw attention to the homeless shelter and the problems for the homelessness. Additionally, the event will offer positive public relations for Preston. The company president has assigned a team to plan and manage the project, and you have been selected as project manager. He has promised you and your team a seed money budget of $5,000 and, in consultation with you and your team, has agreed that raising $ 50,000 (after expenses) would be a reasonable goal. You have reached a consensus with the project sponsor regarding the date of the event, and this allows you six months until the date of the race.  

  1. Ideas for a project objective statement for this project.
  2. What skills will you need on the team? What skills might you need beyond those available on the team?
  3. The chapter identified several stakeholder roles typical of any project: project sponsor, project manager, project team, management, customer, and other peripheral groups. For the 10K project, what individuals or groups would be cast in various roles?
  4. Develop a set of project success metrics. In other words, identify a balanced set of metrics that could be used to evaluate whether or not the 10K run was a success. Be sure to consider interim measures as well as those you would consider when the project is complete.
  5. Develop a preliminary statement of scope for this project. As well as identifying deliverables within the scope of the project, be sure to identify those that others might reasonably assume to be “in scope” but that you and your team consider to be out-of-scope.