The Berg Companion to Fashion eBook Valerie Steele (ed) POLITICS AND FASHION Kim K. Johnson Pages: 573-577 Every large society and social group…

you will need to take the information you have learned from your preliminary research on your inquiry question and organize it into a formal outline. 

Ideally, your formal outline will serve as a guide when you write your draft of the research report. 

Your formal outline should be 1-2 full pages in length, and it should follow the formatting

This is an inquiry question… 

  • Why is this issue important to you?
  • What experiences led you to care about this issue?
  • What makes this an issue that deserves careful attention from many people?
  • Who is impacted by your topic?
  • Where do you see this issue operating or existing?
  • Who would be interested in learning more about this issue?
  • How long has this issue been in existence?
  • How is your life or the life of others impacted by this issue?
  • What are the possible outcomes of this issue? That is, how will it have impact in the future?