Thank you. This may be a real problem.

Hi i need help with making databases in Access. Thank you.


Your assignment is to select a problem that can be solved using a database approach. This may be a real problem. You may use Access or Oracle 11g Express to create the database. You must use Access 2016 or Access 2013 to create the forms and reports or you must have permission of the instructor to use a different technology. If you are novice to database technologies, it is recommended you do the entire project in Access.


1) Executive Overview that includes the problem your system proposes to solve, a short scenario description of how the problem will be solved and a description of the intended audience (who is the sponsor and who are the users).

 2) Database Model utilizing E-R Diagrams [including entities, relationships, cardinality and minimal cardinality (mandatory-optional)].

3) Relational Schema with all keys indicated.

4) Functional Dependencies and Normal Form including functional dependencies depicting major business rules and a statement as to the form level in which your data model is normalized and supporting evidence to support your claim. If your model is not normalized, provide a statement to explain why.  

5) Data Dictionary containing all attributes identifying the following traits: table, primary key, unique, null, foreign key, data type, domain constraints and referential integrity where required.

6) Complete listing of populated tables [This will be included with your .accdb file. ]

7) Listing of Queries (several must use 2+ tables) plus narrative describing the purpose of each query – need a minimum of 15 queries. At least 5 of those queries must use a join statement. The queries must be implemented in Access and you must also include the query question and accompanying SQL statement in your project documentation – you may copy/paste the SQL from Access into your project document. 

8) CRUD Matrix (Forms versus Tables Matrix) that includes a listing of forms and associated tables with proper access shown. 

9) Forms and Reports (with data entered) [this, like your tables will be included with your database in Access]. You must also include sample screen shots in the documentation. 

10) One page reflection of your understanding of database technology development including challenges and your approach to their resolution. Your reflection should draw examples from your experience completing this project.

Appendices: Additional items you wish to include. If there are special instructions required for using your database, add them here.