Stones + Solution Lemon Juice + Phosphate Lemon juice + Oxalate Apple Cider Vinegar + Phosphate Apple Cider Vinegar + Oxalate Initial mass (g) Final

Help me understand my EDTA titration lab data?

In chem lab we synthesized and dissolved kidney stones with home remedies (lemon juice and apple cider vinegar). Each stone was submerged into assigned solution and the weight of the stone was recorded before and after.

A titration of the remaining solution was performed as well. That was done with .1 M EDTA and 10 ml each solution + 2ml buffer + 5 drops indicator were used. The volume delivered was recorded (Apple Cider Vinegar – Phosphate was inconclusive because the beaker broke so no accurate volume or ksp value obtained).

I need help understanding this data. From the mass of stone dissolved I would say lemon juice + phosphate was most effective. However, with the titration is it the more EDTA used thats the most effective one? I don’t know what these ksp values are based on. Is a lower ksp more or less soluble?

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Stones + Solution Lemon Juice + PhosphateLemon juice + Oxalate Apple Cider Vinegar + PhosphateApple Cider Vinegar + Oxalate Initial mass (g) Final Mass of Stones (g) Mass of stone dissolved (g)