social policy

social policy.

Critically analyze key changes to a social policy (eg Education, health, housing, income support) during and after the Howard(John Winston Howard) government.
Social work core Subject: Australian social policy

Course Aim
To analyse the nature of Australian social policies relevant to the human services.
Course Objectives
On completion of this course, students should be able to:
CO1. Give an account of some of the major social policies that shape the delivery of human service provision in Australia
CO2. Evaluate the diversity of population interests and power in social policy contests
CO3. Analyse Australian social policies in both regional and international perspectives
CO4. Recognise the diversity of population interests and power in social policy contests

Graduate Qualities
A graduate of UniSA:
GQ1. operates effectively with and upon a body of knowledge of sufficient depth to begin professional practice
GQ2. is prepared for life-long learning in pursuit of personal development and excellence in professional practice
GQ3. is an effective problem solver, capable of applying logical, critical, and creative thinking to a range of problems
GQ4. can work both autonomously and collaboratively as a professional
GQ5. is committed to ethical action and social responsibility as a professional and citizen
GQ6. communicates effectively in professional practice and as a member of the community
GQ7. demonstrates international perspectives as a professional and as a citizen
Course Content
The students will develop further knowledge of the themes in the historical development of Australian social policy as well an understanding of significant social policies and the policy making process. The students will demonstrate the skill of applying a theoretical framework of policy analysis to (some of) employment, income, security, housing, health, family, social inclusion social care, policy in relation to older Australians.

Learning Resources
You will need continual access to the following text(s) to complete this course. The library does not hold multiple copies of the nominated text books. It is strongly recommended that you purchase the book(s).
Carson, E. and Kerr, L 2013, Australian social policy and the human services, 1st edn, Cambridge University Press, Melbourne.
THE FOLLOWING ADDITIONAL TEXTS WILL ALSO BE OF USE FOR YOUR TUTORIAL DISCUSSIONS AND THE ASSIGNMENTS. They provide discussions of social policies with an Australian or South Australian focus

Jamrozik, A., (2009) Social Policy in the Post-Welfare State, Pearson.

McClelland, A., and Smyth, P., (2010) Social Policy in Australia: Understanding for Action, 2nded, Oxford.

Fawcett, B., Goodwin, S., Meagher, G., Phillips, R. (2010) Social Policy for Social Change, Palgrave, Macmillan,

Mendes, P (2008) Australian welfare wars revisited: the player, the politics and the ideologies, UNSW Press, Australia.

Bessant, J., Watts, R., Dalton, T and Smyth, P. (2006), Talking Policy: How Social Policy is Made, Allen & Unwin, Sydney.

Spoehr, J. (Ed) 2005, State of South Australia: Trends and Issues, Wakefield Press, Adelaide.

Fenna, A 2004, Australian public policy, 2nd ed, Pearson Longman, Melbourne.

social policy

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