Skin Case Study

Skin Case Study

Skin Case Study


Case Study 1 Grading rubric

The students should provide a concise (1-1.5 page single spaced) paper to address the following goals.

Goal:  A needle passing from the outside of the body into the subarachnoid space must pass thorough many tissue and cellular layers including the layers of the skin and various meninges and associated spaces.  Your goal is to trace the path of the needle as it enters the epidermis (passing through separate cellular layers here) until it finally enters the subarachnoid space where CSF is found.  With each layer (cellular or tissue) you are expected to provide a brief description of the components and function (as we discussed in class) of that layer.  Additionally provide a brief description of one type of cell that you would expect to see increase in numbers due to the bacterial infection we see in this patient.  A brief description of bony landmarks used in this procedure is also required.



             Apropriate length, grammer, presentation, originality:

4              Layers of the Epidermis


1              Hypodermis

1              Posterior layer of thoracolumbar fascia

1              Supraspinous Ligament, Intraspinous Ligament, LigamentumFlavum

1              Epidural fat and venous plexus

1              Dura Mater

1              Arachnoid Mater

2              Disscuss the bacterial infection and at least one Leukocyte

             Boney Landmarks (Illiac crest, Spinous Process, reason why puncture is performed at this level)

Total Points available: 20












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Skin Case Study


As a needle passes from the outer skin inside into the subarachnoid space where there the cerebrospinal fluid is located, it passes through several skin tissues and cells. In overall, there are three major tissues of the skin; the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis. The epidermis is the outermost layer and within it are other smaller layers of tissues and cells. The epidermis is a thin layer which has 5 layers in the following order from bottom to top; stratum basale, the stratum spinosum, the stratum granulosum, the stratum licidum and lastly…………………..