SH5007FP-Shipping Documentation

Synopsis Of Case in SH5007FP-Shipping Documentation

CET Express Pte Ltd is a Singapore company specialising in the import of dried grocery products for the local market. The company’s products come from many parts of the world. They supply to a network of grocery shops mainly located at HDB heartlands. The products are imported via a local agent, and the company is currently not involved in any import documentation or dealings with the local authorities.

In order to have better control over the import of the products, the company has decided to handle their own import documentation instead of using the local agent. Also, as part of their expansion plans, the company has decided to import a new brand of Irish whisky.

The following table summarises the product type, quantities and value of the products that the company will be importing monthly.

The company has hired you as their Logistics Manager to handle the import of the products. The Director of the company is not familiar with the documentation procedures and taxes/duties that are payable before for the products can be brought into Singapore. 

You are required to prepare a report to the Director of the company on the following:

1. Import procedures for the products to be shipped in. This will include the documentation required with the relevant authorities as well as the inward carrier.

2. Breakdown of the cost that the company will have to spend per month for the import of the goods.

3. Recommendations on the storage of the products pending delivery to grocery shop.  

For this case study you are required to: 

1.Demonstrate evidence of, and perform suitable research.

2.Where necessary, show samples of documents that will be used. 

3.Show detailed calculations of costs where appropriate.

4.Identify and analyse at least THREE issues or problems related to the import of the products. 

5.Discuss and propose suitable recommendations to address all the identified issues.

SH5007FP-Shipping Documentation