Self-Reflection Essay

Given the following guidelines, write a reflective essay about yourself, with an ambition of becoming a nurse in mind. Self-Reflection essay is about an individual life aspirations and achievements written in a prose form.

Here is a sample done to that effect:

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Self- Reflection

At this point in my life, I believe in realizing my dream of becoming a nurse. It has been my lifetime dream since childhood to now. Growing up, I used to rush to help other children in problems however much I could. This character continued to develop in me with a sharp interest in nursing cropping up. In this paper, I intend to give my self-reflection about becoming a nurse and how my close friends and family members have helped me in nurturing this potential.

In my point view, an account of my strengths, weaknesses, threat and opportunities (SWOT) has helped me in checking on my growth towards my dream. One of my strengths is deep empathy and caring about people around me. Since childhood to date, I have always concerned myself in doing my best to ensure those close to me do not suffer when I can help. I also have stable emotional levels in such a way that I am able to distance my emotions while carrying out a volunteering act that can affect my ability to do what is best avoiding aspects of self-interest. As an aspiring nurse, I have always paid keen attention to detail to ensure I find the root cause of an event. I am well aware of my weaknesses too. Among them is the long time I take to make a personal connection. I also take pleasure in travelling around which may not be work well with a nurse who might be required to be stationed in a hospital and familiarize herself with the population in that locality during service delivery. Among the threat in the current healthcare environment is how nurses gets exposed to dangerous situation especially handling infectious patients without prior knowledge of their condition.

Growing up I found myself getting closer to children especially those with underlying conditions. In my childhood neighborhood, I always volunteered in a child care centers to assist in taking care of the children there. My family supported my course and encouraged me in doing what I delighted in. my parents and siblings have been the pillars in my life and have always mentored me in developing the best skills required in human relation, time management and communication skills. My parents later supported me in joining higher education where I am training as a nurse with a special interest in children. I look forward to completing my studies and joining our healthcare system to offer services as a nurse in my community.

When I will be through with my studies, I intend to immediately register and find an opportunity to start practicing as a nurse in a children’s’ hospital. Working in such an institution, will translate to self-actualization marking my most awaited moment in life. I intend to advance my training to attain the best skills and experience in the field. So far, the little experience I have had in volunteering exercises have sharpened my focus to details around every event or condition to every individual and embracing empathy more. I have constantly improved my weakness of getting along with other persons faster than I used to do. I have realized that for a nurse to effectively deliver services, they need to competent in developing relationships with their clients based on trust and integrity.

When I look back at my life, there are many things I could have done differently but not wishing to become a nurse. I am grateful to my parents and siblings for supporting my course of becoming a nurse. They helped in nurturing my personality for which I will forever remain grateful. Completing my studies is my primary focus so that I can join the healthcare system be a team with other nursing professional in caring for our population.