SCM830 Logistics And Supply Chain Management

SCM830 Logistics And Supply Chain Management. You are a Senior Supply Chain Analyst working for the Corporate Director of Supply Chain Design, J Bottomley.  As an individual you are to create a comparison chart and to identify the best location for a factory given the parameters below:

The foreign factory type is offshore as the company focuses on LCP
The foreign factory will be fast moving customer goods that are currently too difficult to 3D print therefore product is planned for the next 5 years,
The foreign factory will need 7000 general laborers,
One is to assume that all of the material inputs are available locally
You are required to create a table with at least 7 individual factors using at least 3 different sources to compared Canada to two other countries.  Of these other countries the first is to have the same starting letter as your first name and the second country is to have the same starting letter as your second name.   Should you legally only have one name, use the first 2 letters as above.