Research the major properties of your birthstone

Paper Instructions :Research the major properties of your birthstone

Did you know that every month has assigned birthstone like horoscope? Did you know that some months have more than one birthstone? Do you know your birthstone? Many people do, but they don’t know much more about their birthstone than its color. This week we are learning about minerals. So, I want you to know your birthstone and learn its physical properties.

The following websites will aid you in this task:

Use these websites (or others) to research the major properties of your birthstone, including:

Color, Luster, Streak, Hardness, Crystal structure and mineral habit, Density/specific gravity, Cleavage/fracture tendencies, Mineral family, Chemical composition, other distinguishing characteristics, picture.

If your month has multiple birthstones, choose one.

My month is November


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Topaz, Novembers’ Birthstone

The origin of birthstones is believed to be from the breastplate of Aaron which contained twelve gemstones representing each of the twelve tribes of Israel. Each month of the year has a unique birthstone associated with it. My birthday occurs in November which has two gems, namely Topaz and Citrine. My preferable gem is Topaz due to its associated meaning and fascinating properties. It is largely produced in Brazil and Sri Lanka with smaller productions from Pakistan, India among other places. Utah in the United States recognized topaz as a gemstone in 1969.

Pure Topaz is colorless but when treated can be produced in a wider range of colors. The most prized topaz is imperial topaz occurring in orange hue with pink undertones. Blue is the most popular color which is achieved through irradiation. It is has a colorless streak and a vitreous luster. Topaz diaphaneity ranges from translucent to transparent.  Its perfect cleavage makes it vulnerable to chipping and cracking though with proper treatment, it can last long. It measures 8 on moh scale meaning it is quite a hard gem.  Topaz has a high gravity that ranges from 3.4 to about3.6. It is a very hard silicate mineral comprising aluminum, silicon and other gaseous elements with an orthorhombic crystal system. These unique properties of Topaz makes be used as a gemstone and a key reference in Mohs hardness index mineral despite its low tenacity potential.

People around the world enjoy relating their birth month with a gemstone and their associated meaning. Topaz, for instance, is believed to bring calmness, fortune, and warmth to those who wear it. It affordability gives such people the privilege to embraces their birthstone. The knowledge about it tenacity among other properties makes them treasure it more to ensure it outlives its lifespan.

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