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Paper instructions:For this assignment, I ask that you research and write a 2-3 page self-reflection on any Dominican icon or legendary figures that you believe are connected to or in denial of their African roots. Feel free to choose any one we discussed in class, such as: Carolina Contreras (Miss Rizos) the pioneer of the first curly hair salon in Santo Domingo; Junot Diaz – author of The Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao; Amara La Negra (Dominican-American artist or Sammy Sosa.

Reflective Essay paper

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The Pioneer Dominican Natural Hair Salon

In the Dominican Republic, long straightened hair that hung down women’s back was the ideal look .Family members and bosses in the Dominican Republic would openly criticize anyone who decided to grow her natural hair. The hair was considered unkempt, unprofessional and ugly. Carolina Contreras also known as Miss Rizos, made headlines by her ability to unite women who embrace and rock in their natural hair.

Miss Rizos opened an environmental friendly salon for women who wanted to keep their hair natural and curly in Santo Domingo. She is an innovative 29 year-old lady who skillfully found an alternative to the old norm of chemically straightened hair to advocate for natural and kinky hair. Being a risk -taker in business, she used most of her savings, donation from friends and money from a campaign that raised 10,000 dollars to start her salon.

This salon served the community with excellent blow-dry and hair treatment that would prevent hair breakage and restore its natural curls. Ms. Fuentes, a customer at Miss Rizos salon, finds excellent satisfaction when she took her three daughters to Miss Rizos salon. She admits that it was fulfilling for her and her daughters to find a place in the Dominican Republic where their curvy natural hair was embraced and considered beautiful.

Miss Rizos is a creative woman who used the social medium platform to communicate to the public through tutorials and empowerment videos on natural hair products and haircuts. Though her ambitions, her YouTube channel became so popular and she therefore decided to open a salon. Being a loving women, she says that anger is not the emotion that drove her movement, but the love and beauty of being natural and black.

Miss Rizos is a legend who embraces her African roots and advocates for self-love and the eradication of racism. Black people admires to be more Eurocentric and have their hair straightened just like the people of power in their community. However Miss Rizos think that natural hair is the most beautiful accessory on her Body and it represents freedom of choice and the ability to decide to be herself.She loves her hair texture despite the fact that it leads to rejection from certain social classes.

Miss Rizos is a super-achiever of her dreams. She was able to reach over 50,000 followers and hosted many successful events in over 20 cities. She has been a source of inspiration to many young girls through empowerment programs and educational hair workshops. She is a self -driven woman andher passion is not financial related, but the need to advocate for women with afro textured hair to be their true selves. Though many had called her hair ugly as a young adult that did not stop her from changing their perspective.

In conclusion, Miss Rizos made a huge impact in the Dominican Republic beginning with her mother and three sisters who followed her foot-steps. S he is an educative lady, who uses her platform to break down the beauty standards portrayed in media and steps in with her natural version of beauty. Her vision as an activist is to encourage black people to love themselves just the way they are and also influence the laws in the Latino America to protect women and young girls who wear natural hair from discrimination.

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