Read the following article: Is Low, Wages Are Up — But Cost of Living in America Keeps Risingwww.go

 Read the following article:

Unemployment Is Low, Wages Are Up — But Cost of Living in America Keeps Rising

  1. Summarize the main arguments presented in the article, do you agree or disagree with the article? (Explain)
  2. Determine your individual living expenses & other costs upon graduation. (Housing, car, living expenses, insurance, rent, savings, other payments, student loans, current debt etc. )  (Create a Chart)
  3. If you already have individual expenses provide a detail list or chart. Determine if your current income satisfies current expenses. 
  4. What college are you looking to apply after Mt. SAC  (If applicable), your intended major, why did you decided to major in this field? Find the expected salary for your major/field?
  5. Research and state the industry, company, organization, government agency or country that you will like to work in upon graduation. (Explain) If you are already working in a professional company explain your role and your experience in the company.
  6. If you have the opportunity to interview with the CEO or president within your industry (a given company, organization.,), why should the CEO/President hire you instead of other individuals? What experience, values or important characteristics set you apart from other graduates in your field?
  7. *** If you are currently working full time, what position will you like to move up within your company?***