PROJ6006 Project Management

Assessment in PROJ6006 Project Management 1. Answer the following. Through reflecting on the case study (Acon Industries, attached) presented in module 1 learning resources, describe one or more of the types of power, defined by Shenoy (attached), which could be demonstrated positively or negatively by the leader of the team.

Further discuss how a project manager can use this type of power to impact the performance of the project team and improve the likelihood of project success? What benefits can be gained from using more than one source of influence when leading a team? Is there a difference between influence and manipulation? Justify your answer.

In 1993, upper management decided that the direction of the company must change. To compete with other manufacturers, the company initiated a strong acquisition program whereby smaller firms were bought out and brought into the organization. The company believed that an intensive acquisition program would solidify future growth and development. Furthermore, due to their reputation for possessing a superior technical product and strong marketing department, the acquisition of other companies would allow them to diversify into other fields, especially within the area of government contracts. However, the company did acknowledge one shortcoming that possibly could hurt their efforts it had never fully adopted, nor implemented, any form of project management.

PROJ6006 Project Management.