OPS802 Operations Management

OPS802 Operations ManagementThe concept was discovered in topics such as process management, bottleneck analysis, inventory management, Toyota Production System to name a few. The focus has been strongly on the internal process environment.

This assessment is an individual research report that is focused on ensuring that students are able to do quality research (peer reviewed articles (most important), textbook, reports, etc.) into how to effectively and efficiently operate a business the fast food industry. Fast Food Organizations – Pool of Choices

Subway; Red Rooster; Nandos; Dominos; MacDonalds; Hungry Jacks (Burger King); Oporto; Boost Juice; Zambrero (pick one of the options given) Students are expected to answer the following questions:

Identify both established and emerging consumer value propositions within the fast found industry.

• Provide a process map (or flowchart) of a fast food restaurant’s order fulfilment process.

• Discuss how Blockchain may enhance the supply chain performance in the fast food industry?

• Review the relationship between service quality and profitability with the adoption of Blockchain in the supply chain.

• Describe the potential operational challenges faced by managers of your chosen restaurant to implement a Blockchain solution.

• Provide recommendations for improving the service operations of the fast food restaurants.