Of three privacy theories given, which are the most impacted by today’s technology and why

Of three privacy theories given, which are the most impacted by today’s technology and why

Of three privacy theories given, which are the most impacted by today’s technology and why


Informational Privacy

Privacy is defined as control over the flow of one’s personal information, including the transfer and exchange of that information.

Decisional Privacy: Privac y is defined in terms of freedom from interference in one’s choices and decisions. Of three privacy theories given, which are the most impacted by today’s technology and why

Accessibility Privacy:

Privacy is defined in terms of one’s physically “being let alone,” or freedom from intrusion into one’s physical space.


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Informational privacy is defined as the control over and the flow of your personal information. This also includes the transfer and exchange of your information. In our society today a large problem is having places hacked into that have a lot of your personal information. Through this happening, people who you did not give permission to get access to your information suddenly have it and begin using it and/or selling it without you knowing. Credit cards have been a large problem lately with different store’s systems being hacked. Other countries were quicker to jump on this problem. The solution became the credit card chip. This makes it so that every time you use the card it sends a different signal, making it harder to break the pattern and read the valuable information hidden inside. The United States has just started to implement this successfully. Even though all banks are slowly adding chips to their credit cards, not all stores even have the ability to use the chip. I stress this because one of our large issues as a country is we are slow to adapt to change. This is something that is very important and betters our society’s security as a whole but we don’t find it as much of a priority as other countries. This does not just go for credit cards this goes for our internet storage as well. If someone can access your personal information without your permission then you don’t have control over it or the flow of your personal information. This is a violation of your informational privacy. Every time you are forced to give it up to the bank or to a company or maybe even your job don’t you feel that fear that your information might get stolen? I do. I believe that we have a serious problem with leaking personal information without meaning to. We need to improve upon this and the sooner we do the stronger we will become as a whole society. Of three privacy theories given, which are the most impacted by today’s technology and why


Of the three privacy theories informational and decisional privacy are the most impacted by today’s technology. I am excluding accessibility privacy from this because if you think about today’s technology being left along is not an option once you agree to use the technology however if you want to not use new technology like before no one if forcing it upon you. Compared to informational privacy that is most people’s primary concern and comes up the most in the news. The issue being people’s data is being stored yet the control of the data is not being maintained. The latest issue was federal employees’ information being stolen. In order to work and be paid you provide your job with information that you assume there information would be safe with the government. However, due to advancements in computer processing speed along with the evolvement of network protocols it’s hard to secure any information that is accessible via the internet. The smartphones we have today are supercomputers compared to original computers on which the internet and internet protocols were founded. Thus with the speed and security flaws hackers can find a way into almost anything due to security teams fighting an uphill battle. Now moving everything to the cloud there is data scattered across the world that becomes tricky to track but almost impossible to determine who has access to that data. A quick example is if you pay for digital copies of movies and store them on a media cloud somewhere and is stolen finding who stole it is 1000% harder than finding who took a DVD out of a store. The initial difficulty is finding who has access to those files physically and digitally including where the cloud is. Moving back to informational privacy traditionally we kept files for taxes in a safe or cabinet in our homes however now some people store it in the cloud. And again if it is taken finding the thief is a hard problem.  Yet, when you agreed to the space and possibly paid for it you assumed it was your space and with the security icons you assumed your data was secure. Most people do not understand how unsecurethe internet truly is yet they use it for more and more daily activities. To improve security the flaws must be found however that takes time and with the rapid expansion of technology, a lack of well tested security and a lack of user knowledge about the lack of security are greatly impacting information privacy. Of three privacy theories given, which are the most impacted by today’s technology and why

Decisional privacy is also being impacted by today’s technology particular due to the amount of information available online. Primarily social media and the accessibility to more information faster and anywhere have affected all of our choices. Social media enables more people to judge and influence your choices than ever before. For example of you are following the election candidates for president you can now follow them on social media where they post their views and values. So now rather than simply trusting their works from speeches and debates you also get their words online. This can greatly impact someone’s choices on voting because through social media people feel as if they have a more personal connection to people and know more about them. It is sad that this is a false connection because their committee writes and posts on their behalf thus it is almost never their actual words. Yet, because society has evolved due to the availably of social media most young voters would rather read a post than watch a speech or debate. And it has been proven in studies that social media has an effect on elections thus leading to its current use for the coming election. Outside of social media effecting choices there is also just the pure amount of information available online that affects people’s choices. Some knowledge is considered useful such as automatic price comparisons when shopping for school books. However, others taint our view of something for example Rate My Professor allows students to anonymously post about their experience with a teacher to give other students an idea of how the class will be. This poses an issue because of the fact that they are opinions from their experience that does not imply your experience. So let’s say there was a new teacher who was scared and trying their best however they made the course too easy and gave everyone an A. Well students read about that and fill the class for next semester however the teacher makes the class more difficult and initiates a curve when grading. Thus the students who took this full class expected the same experience as the previous class however that was not the case. The same could be applied to shopping online when the reviews are displayed prior to buying. And with the continuous integration of technology in our lives causes more information to be available in hopes of altering you choices weather its voting, purchasing, or traveling. Then the availability and integration of the technology makes it even harder to not be influenced by these factors. For example inside of Book Holders you purchase and select books online on a computer provided in the store that does price comparisons which can influence your buying of the book. Thus with today’s evolving technology it’s almost impossible to have decisional privacy because people and companies want to influence you and technology becomes their medium to do so. Of three privacy theories given, which are the most impacted by today’s technology and why


The text describes Privacy “as something that can be violated or breached, when we think of it in terms of either a right or an interest that deserves legal protection”.  Since there is no universal agreed upon definition of privacy, there are certain notions that have been put into place in order to better describe the different way that privacy can be interrupted. These privacy theories are the accessibility privacy theory: Freedom from unwarranted intrusion, Decisional privacy: Freedom interference in one’s personal affairs, and Informational privacy: Control over the flow of personal information. I believe that today’s technology is most impacted by the informational privacy theory mainly because this type of privacy specifically deals with the transfer and exchange of information. Nowadays, there are numerous ways for hackers to retrieve many individual’s personal information online. Online shopping, credit cards and personal log in account contain an abundance of personal information that is required in order to use their products or website. A lot of us willingly give these companies access to our personal information because we trust that they protect it with integrity and be held liable if anything were to ever happen to it. With this theory, the questions “who should have access to one’s personal information?” and “to what extent can individuals control the ways in which information about tem can be gathered, stored, mined, combined, recombined, exchange and sold?” have been raised. These are both very Important things to consider because everyone has to the right to privacy and should be able to control is able to view their information.

Recently, there have been a lot of situations where personal information has been stolen or illegally obtained in some way. In 2013, the biggest retail hack in U.S history occurred when forty million Target credit cards where stolen due to a malware infection that Target’s security team failed to acknowledge. This obviously was a very big deal because millions of people’s identities had been illegally accessed. Moreover, a lot of personal information is being moved over to the cloud, which only makes us more vulnerable in having our identify stolen. Nothing is safe on the internet /cloud because there are always loops holes everywhere and nothing can be one hundred percent secure. Since this is occurring on a frequent basis, more security testing and privacy policies should be put into place so that people can have ease of mind when giving out their personal information. This is primarily why I believe that informational privacy is the most impacted by today’s technology.

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Privacy is such an important issue to everyone. Privacy simply means that there is a limit to which the public can invade in your life and personal information (Solove, Rotenberg and Schwartz, 2006)……………………