Need an argumentative essay on Dualizm in V for Vendeta. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.Further, the conflicting reaction about the movie seeks to expose the aspect of dualism in the movie

Need an argumentative essay on Dualizm in V for Vendeta. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Further, the conflicting reaction about the movie seeks to expose the aspect of dualism in the movie v for vendetta. This paper seeks to evaluate the existence of dualism and the supporting dispositional reactions from the various standpoints the people exhibit after watching the movie v for vendetta. Moreover, the paper will employ the various elements of dualism to expose the underlying myths and archetypes prevailing in the movie v for vendetta. The movie v for vendetta is viewed by many of the audience as exhibiting dystopia. In literal sense, the movie v for vendetta, falling democracy focused fictional reality, is staged in a future (the year 2048) that presents the world as we know it but with significant and terrible changes (Nash 1). The movie exposes powerful and evil men who use their authority to oppress the civilians as we see when V rescues Evey from the wrath of this forced totalitarian leadership. In the movie, we see secret government officials who subject the citizens to a complicated style of life thereby depriving them of their basic human rights as is the object of democracy. The secret government officials keenly watch every action of people like Evey and this is what V seeks to avert. The impression of an all ruling government which the people of England seem to have allowed is to blame, according to V, for the political and economic conditions prevailing as in the movie. We see this practiced in the move where the totalitarian government watches the action of specified citizens, monitor and store such information, which they later utilize to incriminate innocent people as in the case of Evey (Ebert 1). While watching the movie v for vendetta, one would easily single out the prominent use of the myths to expose the extremity of the focused themes and lead thoughts in the director’s mind to expose the declining democracy and the power of a changed will to rally the people behind ensuring the change from totalitarian leadership prospects to democracy focused management leadership (Jolin 2). Myth is a fundamental tool that science-oriented fiction writers utilize to emphasize certain components of their futuristic analogies (Nash, 3). In V for Vendetta for instance, we see significant myths when V seeks to rescue Evey from the hands of the totalitarian leaders, thereby referred to as finger men. The fact that V punched and eventually killed a member of the finger men leadership from a single hit using the butt of his knife is a myth aimed at underlying the power that democracy has in influencing and disengaging totalitarian leadership. Further, the indication that V’s punch sent the finger man flying over five feet is evidently a myth. In the same scene we see the finger man punching V and the mask failing to show any damage. This indicates that V is primarily stronger than every ordinary man, which seeks to expose the theme of democracy-focused leadership in overpowering the unruly totalitarian leadership. Additionally, the overruling association of the stage timing and the specific movie dates to both the political instability between specific countries and the terrorist attacks of the September 11 is a significant myth that cannot fail the attention of any analysis of the movie v for vendetta. The role that V plays in the movie is clearly an archetype of the terror events of the well remembered 9/11 attacks that shook the world over. In this regard, there has been a predominant linkage by many of the audience of v for vendetta between the movie and the expected