MOS3332 Logistics And Supply Chain Management

MOS3332 Logistics And Supply Chain Management. What is the value proposition of John Deere Reman? (Why should Deere bother with remanufacturing

2.What are the main challenges for John Deere Reman? (What are the constraints that John Deere Reman faces in improving its performance?

3.What are the difficulties in acquiring cores? How can John Deere Reman increase the core return rate?

4.How does Reman provide value to John Deere? To customers?

5.How important is this business to John Deere? Please show numbers.
6.How does John Deere decide what to remanufacture?

7.Present a diagram of the structure of the supply chain.
8.Is this a closed-loop or open-loop supply chain? Justify your answer.