MIET1077: Mechanics Of Machine

Task in MIET1077: Mechanics Of Machine

How to use this template:

Read and follow all the instructions highlighted in yellow colour and delete all highlighted instructions from your final report. MIET1077: Mechanics Of Machine

You must fill out all the tables in the report and replace the figures that are given as examples with your own figures/diagrams.

You can draw diagrams on A3 or A4 size paper by hand. However, you need to scan them with proper resolution to use them in your report. Save your final report in PDF file format to submit on the Canvas LMS.

Please see the ‘Assignment Handout’ (available on Canvas) for additional information and suggestions.

QuestionDescriptionMarks (%)Items
 Introduction2Cal, Fig, Tab 2, 3
1Graphical position analysis2Figs
2Graphical velocity analysis2Cal, Fig, Tab 4
3Graphical acceleration analysis2Cal, Fig, Tab 5
4Instantaneous Centre (IC) method2Cal, Figs, Tab 6
5Analytical position analysis2Cal, Fig, Tab 7
Analytical velocity analysis3Cal, Fig, Tab 8
Analytical acceleration analysis4Cal, Fig, Tab 9
6Dynamic force and torque analysis7Cal, Fig, Matrix, Tab 10
7Shaking force, torque and moments3Cal, Fig, Tab 11
8Working Model Simulation: Position, Velocity and Acceleration4wm2d file, Fig, Tab 12
Position diagram1Tab 13, Fig
Velocity diagram1Tab 14, Fig
Acceleration diagram1Tab 15, Fig
Working Model Simulation: Dynamic Force and Torque2wm2d file, Fig, Tab 17
Results comparison for kinematic analysis1Tab 18
Results comparison for dynamic force and torque analysis1Tab 19
 Total Marks =40% 

MIET1077: Mechanics Of Machine