MHR6451 Human Resource Management Methods

MHR6451 Human Resource Management Methods, Frederick Taylor had firsthand experience and knowledge of the soldiering of labor; this term that he coined means that workers were deliberately slowing down production. He wanted to increase worker productivity and reduce their resentment at the same time. He used the principles of scientific management to study the problems of production and worker resentment. In addition to coming up with standards for deliverables for each job based on scientific analysis and continuously improving work through observation and analysis

Taylor recommended that workers whose productivity surpassed the standards were given incentive pay as a reward. One of Taylor’s significant accomplishments was defining management as the position held by trained professionals (Blake & Moseley, 2011). Fragments of Taylor’s scientific management methods, published in 1911, still exist today in modern enterprises because efficiency is still correlated to profitability (Bell, 2011). For more information on this, read this article:

Upon completion of this unit, students should be able to:
Evaluate performance-based review processes.
Examine a historical perspective of the performance review process.
Compare annual performance review evaluations and real-time feedback coaching.

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