MGMT1101: Final Project – Research & Analysis Paper

MGMT1101: Final Project – Research & Analysis Paper. Learners will use the results of assignment – Research & Analysis Paper

Part I for the Final Project –Research & Analysis Paper

Part II to apply the concepts learned in the course (modules 1-9), and involves the application of:
• Environmental constraints on management (specific, general, global environment).
• Stakeholders
• Planning and strategic management (SWOT Analysis – formulate strategies)
• Organizational Structure and Design (key elements of org structure and design, types of structures – mechanistic versus organic design). • Foundations of Control.
Learning Outcomes
• Identify key functions of managers within organizations.
• Identify control systems used in management.
• Research environmental influences that managers encounter.
• Analyze elements in the strategic planning process.
• Analyze elements of organizational structure and design.
• Examine motivational strategies used by managers within organizational settings.

Identify key stakeholders within the organization’s specific and general environment.

Do not simply provide a list; describe the importance of each stakeholder and the impact each of them might have on the organization’s activities.
• Once you have identified the key stakeholders for your organization, identify which stakeholders you feel the organization should manage and give the highest priority to. Be sure to justify your responses.

MGMT1101: Final Project – Research & Analysis Paper