MENG4022 Sustainable Development And Design Practice

Scenario And Task

MENG4022 Sustainable Development And Design Practice. You are working as a new employee in an engineering consultancy firm, Green Engineering Consulting. The firm offers capabilities and services for its valuable clients that look to redesign or modify their current industrial practices for improvement of sustainability. Each type of client has a different focus:

· Type 1 clients are interested in eco-design for product improvement

· Type 2 clients want to implement cleaner production practices for process improvement

· Type 3 clients need a redesign of their industrial symbiosis for improvement of their supply chain

Your management group has put all the new starters into project teams, and tasked each team with the development of a redesign or modification for one of these clients (each team can choose which project it wants to work on).  As a member of one of the teams, you have the following parameters for your project:

1. Group Project Report (20%) – Group Submission

As a project group, you are to develop a redesign or modification for the client, and then submit your development as a report. The management group will review and assess your report, based on the following criteria:

· Report structure and presentation style, including referencing

· Description of current product/process/system

· Identification and analysis of current problems

· Description of proposed solutions

· Discussion and demonstration of improvements

The management group also wish to review exactly how your group has worked together – the timing and length and attendance of any meetings, which collaboration tools you have used, and exactly what each group member has contributed. Because of this, they have requested that you submit your report, which will include two parts – the final report, and a page outlining the details of your collaboration and group work.

2. Group Project Presentation (10%)

While you are developing your project report, the management group wants your project team to prepare a presentation which conveys the concept outlined in your report. Your presentation should be no longer than 15 minutes.

3. Critical Review And Reflection (20%) – Individual Submission

The senior management group considers  self-reflection as a critical skill for modern engineering professionals, as is the giving and receiving of feedback.

Self-reflection on your project work with a statement of The reflection is expected to cover the following elements:

· Your sub-task focus in the group project

· Your understanding of the relations between your sub-task(s)/sub-problem(s) and the project problem

· Your analysis of the sub-problem and the opportunities for change

· Your justifications for the proposed solution to the sub-problem(s)

· Discussions on what you learnt from the project, challenges and recommendations for further studies regarding your part of the project work

MENG4022 Sustainable Development And Design Practice