Journal Template Name: _____________________________________ Assignment: _______________________ Course: ____________________________________ Date…

Journal Template

 Name:   _____________________________________                         Assignment:  _______________________ 

Course:   ____________________________________              Date Submitted:  _____________________                                                                    

Paragraph One: • Introduce the topic of the journal (person, concept, invention, etc.)

Paragraphs Two-Four: • Summarize the main facts presented in the article or the main points of your discussion

Final Paragraph: • Personal response to journal topic

How it applies to course                                                       

Why you/instructor chose it                                                      

How you liked it                                                     


Formatting Instructions: at least One Page; Neatly type.  Use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.   May be from any source as long as it relates to Business or Business Related Topics (i.e. computers, e-business, etc.)

***Attach a copy of any sources (i.e., articles, interviews, etc.) used for your journal entry***

Suggested Sources for Articles:

Breaking News:   (Harvard Business Review) (Newsweek)  (Forbes)  (Fortune) (Time)

Local, Regional, or National Newspaper