JNB158-International Transport System

Question  1 JNB158-International Transport System

A cherry grower in the Huon Valley in Tasmania plans to export cherries to South Korea in the 2019 season. The cherry grower has four different varieties that ripen at different times between mid December and late February. The total expected amount of cherries for export is about 1,000 tons. Use real world examples wherever appropriate and make assumptions if needed, complete the following two tasks.

a) Propose the most suitable transport system to move cherries from the farm gate in the Huon Valley in Tasmania to consumers in South Korea.

b) Discuss, from a transport and logistics perspective, the key factors affecting the quality of Tasmanian cherries on the shelves of supermarkets in South Korea.

Question  2

Choose a real-world intermodal terminal of your preference, and complete the following tasks. Your discussion must be in the context of the intermodal terminal you have chosen.

a) Identify the features of this intermodal terminal and discuss how these features may contribute to, or impede, the success of this terminal.

b) Discuss how this intermodal terminal contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of the transport system that it belongs to. You may discuss the contribution at both domestic and international levels. 

JNB158-International Transport System