Iron Jawed Women | Movie Review

Iron Jawed Women | Movie Review

  • Grade: 25 points
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  • After viewing Iron Jawed Women, write a one page paper (a page and a half
  • for WST 300 students) in which you describe how the movie affected you.
  • What current issue/issues do feel would be worthy of protest? Discuss your political issue in relationship to the film.
  • Your paper must include a short description of the issue discussed in the film that related to your issue, but do not spend time on the details, unless they are critical to the essence of the paper.
  • Very Important: Please note that this is a full-length paper. It must therefore have an introduction, coherently organized body of paragraphs (with appropriate transitional words, phrases or sentences) and a conclusion.
  • You do not need to include a reference page since I know the source of your information.
  • An “A” paper will comprehensively and clearly address all aspects of this assignment.


Film Critique: Iron Jawed Women

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Film Critique: Iron Jawed Women

The film Iron Jawed Angels featured a woman. Alice Paul who championed a movement protesting the for women’s right to vote. She led a group of women who believed they were suffrage activists and staged a protest outside the state house during the President Woodrow Wilson’s inauguration. All the women involved in the protest gets arrested allegedly for obstructing traffic and are put in prison, including the senator’s wife who had joined the course. In prison they agree to go on hunger strike but they were ruthlessly fed with milk and uncooked eggs. Although the imprisoned women were not allowed any visitor, the senator’s wife get a visit from her husband and sneaks a letter to him. The letter played a great role as it forced the success of the ratification of the 19th amendment which enshrined the women’s right to vote.

The film portrayed American government as hypocritical in its endeavor to fight for the rights of the poor. Alice Paul critics president Wilson for fighting for poor Germans while women in his backyard were being oppressed. Carrie believes protests would make them look weak hence she prefer a calm and civilized way that would ensure that they had the backing of the democrats. Alice Paul shares a different opinion with Carrie Catt, the chair of the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) and formed her own Congressional Union for Women Suffrage. Through the film, one is able to appreciate women as equally important people whose opinions should be considered in a modern day society. Their contributions cannot be ignored on basis of gender neither should they be rigged out positions of power. Men on the other hand should consider the plights of women with their daughters, wives and mothers in mind. The future of America depends on contributions each person makes today regardless of their gender orientation.

The film captures the women’s right to vote as the main cause of the protests.

There were other issues like the need to be loved as depicted by Alice Paul’s encounter with the cartoonist, need for pleasure among others, but the women sacrificed them all in order to ensure success of the main agenda, right to vote and hold office.

In my opinion, reason why the president cautions of avoiding the death of any of the prisoners is selfish. He directs that the guards ensure no died while serving their term with only the image of his presidency in mind. He does not seem to consider the women’s plight as important and had the letter by the senator’s wife not sneaked, things would have remained the same for a longer time. Gender inequality is still vivid today in America though not in the same magnitude. Although women are allowed offices in high places, their ratio as compared to men is still low having in mind that in general population, women are more. Success of Alice Paul and her friend Lucy Burns signifies hope of equality in both gender in the political scene and other aspects of life. The unity with purpose depicted by the women shows the need to unite while fighting for a course. Individually, our voices may not be accorded the required attention. The success for the women cost them their families and freedom. Likewise, in life, we must be ready to forego some pleasures for the greater course.


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