Instructions: Please post your response in as many words as you like, but with substantive relevant postings, adding value to the discussion and…

Instructions: Please  post your  response in as many  words as you like, but with substantive relevant postings, adding value to the discussion and demonstrating your understanding of the concepts.

The  process  I  have  selected  is  about  setting up the conference room for meetings. first, I  look in the moraware system calendar to check for any meetings that will be going on during the day and print out  any paperwork that  is for that  specific  customer. Next, I give  myself reminders in the outlook calendar, so I can get  a message  when it it is time to set up for a meeting. Then I would go into the conference room and turn on the lights, set up the table, and make sure the phones, laptops, and video screen are all working. Finally, when the customer walked in I would take them to the conference room to offer them a  drink, let them know that someone will be in shortly, and let the person conducting the meeting know that their customer is in.

The issue is that people  always forget  to write in the moraware  system  calendar that they have a meeting. So, when the time comes  for a  meeting  they are left to set up everything in front of the customers (which makes them look so unprepared). I would improve this by having a meeting with everyone in the company and letting  them know that this is a constant issue that  makes everyone look  unprofessional. Everyone   who  conducts meetings and deals with customer should be involved with me. Some of the questions that I would ask about the current process would be about effectiveness, efficiency, and adaptability. Does  the process meet  customer needs? Does it cut down on the usage of resource? is the process flexible enough to change as requirements change? (Radishofski, 2010). I  would know that the process was actually improved when people who conduct meetings don’t have to run around trying to set up for their meetings when their customer walks in or I won’t  see the customer sitting in the waiting  area for a long period of time.

Inputs  to the process:

meeting  appointment information in the  moraware  system   calendar

Available  paperwork  for the customer that will be in the meeting

outputs   of the  process:

prepare  the conference room for the  meeting

satisfied customer  who  has all the information

they  need to move   forward in the company

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