Instructions for Assignment 2: Is attached Instructions for Assignment 1The communication process is  tied to stakeholder needs. Each stakeholder has specific needs. In the partnership

Instructions for Assignment 2: Is attached 

Instructions for Assignment 1

The communication process is  tied to stakeholder needs. Each stakeholder has 

specific needs. In the partnership example shared in this week’s introduction, 

there were several stakeholders mentioned including physicians and employees. 

Physicians may need to know how this new partnership is going to change the way they deliver care or lead their care teams, while employees may want to know what specific training or other changes may impact their work. 

Each stakeholder has distinct requirements that should be addressed in the 

communication plan. The first step in understanding these needs is to develop a stakeholder needs analysis. In this assignment, you will create a stakeholder needs analysis using the template provided with this week’s resources. 

After the template is complete, you will write a one‐page reflec on on your 

stakeholders’ needs.

Length: 1 Power Point slide and a 1‐page document, not including  title and reference pages

Resources: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources to support your assignment.

Your assignment should demonstrate thoughful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented this week. Your response should reflect doctoral writing and current APA standards.