INSERT INTO Coach (Cid, name, position, Tid) VALUES (‘C300’, ‘Jon Gruden’, ‘Offence’, ‘T100’); INSERT INTO Coach (Cid, name, position, Tid) VALUES

The SQL Text File that you upload should contain the INSERT INTO Statements for the Team Table, Field Table and Plays Tables. The SQL Text file should also contain the two LOAD Statements to insert the data in the CSV text file into the Players and Coaches database tables.  The assignment should also include the CSV text files created for the Players and Coaches Test Data from the Excel Workbook that was provided to the class in the assignment link.

also, Create Test Data to load into the Game Schedule Framework that you created for the Little League Football Database.  Some people went with a single table solution.  Other people went with a double table solution. Create data and the statements to load the data for the solution that matches your create table statements.

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—PART 2 FOOTBAL DATABASE —footbla database CREATE DATABASE Football; USE Football; CREATE TABLE Team ( tid VARCHAR(4), dues DOUBLE, field VARCHAR(50), tRank int, name VARCHAR(50), CONSTRAINT…