In scrum, how often is the Sprint Retrospective Meeting conducted?

In scrum, how often is the Sprint Retrospective Meeting conducted?.

1 An initial investment will be paid off at the end of the _____ period.



2 Eddie, a scrum team member consistently shows up late for the daily scrum. Other than Eddie, who is responsible for the integrity of Eddie’s agreements with his team?



3 According to Bill Wake, the INVEST acronym can help you remember what a well-formed product backlog Items looks like. What do the last three letters stand for?



4 Who estimates the effort to complete a product backlog Item?



5 How many sprints are planned during a sprint planning meeting?



6 In scrum, how often is the Sprint Retrospective Meeting conducted?



7 If we keep the product backlog visible and encourage open communication, will the product backlog usually get bigger or smaller over time?



8 When specifying the user interface, you might consider all of the following except _____.



9 The goal is to specify the requirements precisely enough that a developer knows what to build and a tester can determine if it was built correctly.



10 One-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many are possible _____ one might specify for relationships between entities in an ERD.



11 Which of the following user stories specifies a quality attribute?



12 Which of the following types of prototypes focuses on technical soundness?



13 All but which of the following is a technique for prioritizing requirements.



14 When testing a use case, you should check all but which of the following?



15 You can deliver a product that has all the desired functionality but that user’s hate because it doesn’t match their (often unstated) quality expectations.



16 Which adaptive approach works well for projects with highly uncertain or volatile requirements?



17 In the product backlog, user stories have a designated status. For which status is the scrum master needed most?



18 Scope change is welcome in which of the following development methods?



19 After decision makers define a requirements _____, the business analyst should place the requirements under change control.



20 Match the requirements development tasks listed below with the appropriate descriptions.


21 Business analysts do most of their work in seclusion, rarely interacting with others.



22 Many agile projects conduct an upfront planning iteration to define the overarching product vision and other business requirements for the project.



23 Customer involvement is a critical factor in delivering excellent software.



24 During elicitation, one effective technique is to create a “Wall of Wonder” where participants can write and post their ideas.



25 User stories contain all but which of the following.


In scrum, how often is the Sprint Retrospective Meeting conducted?

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