In October the campus bookstore asked a random sample of freshmen and seniors how much they had spent on textbooks that semester. The bookstore…

17. Which of the following statements is true?

A) This is a two-tail test of two dependent samples.

B) This is a two-tail t-test of two independent samples.

C) This is a two-tail z-test of two independent samples.                      

D) This is a test of matched pairs.

E)   None of the above

18. To test the claim that the two groups spent the same amount the set of hypotheses is






19. Find the test statistic z.

A) 1.96

B) 1.645

C) 2.276

D) 2.42                

E) 2.17

20. Find the p-value

A) 0.9922

B) 0.0156            

C) 0.0078

D) 0.0187

E) None of the above

21. At the 5% level of significance we can conclude

A) That the two groups spent the same amounts.

B) That the two groups did not spent the same amounts.                      

C) The freshmen spent more.

D) The seniors spent more.

E) None of the above