In a 2- to 3-page journal-type entry, summarize what you learned from this course. Focus on the following:

Discuss your strengths and weaknesses as both a leader and as a manager. Explain how you would incorporate these into your manager-development strategy.

Review the following Walden MS Management Program Outcomes and reflect back on what you wrote in the Discussion for Week 1. Then address the questions following the list of Program Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate critical-thinking skills that lead to ethical and reasoned decision making within a management context.
  • Formulate sustainable solutions to practical management problems encountered in a complex global environment by synthesizing relevant data and information and applying systems thinking to problem solving.
  • Assess opportunities to improve and sustain organizational performance through strategic thinking, the development of human capital, the allocation of physical resources, and the management of financial resources.
  • Evaluate methods to develop people and manage teams to obtain the best performance in order to achieve goals and positive environments despite potential challenges imposed by a diverse workforce, cross-cultural differences, and virtual work settings.
  • Propose negotiation strategies that will lead to positive, ethical outcomes and demonstrate scrupulous consideration of perceived points of conflict; differences in values, beliefs, and culture; or divergence of goals.
  • Appraise techniques managers may use to facilitate change, examining the implications of culture, inertia, and uncertainty as well as the importance of understanding motivation and devising effective communications.
  • Develop effective communications for various types of management scenarios, demonstrating awareness of audience needs, accepted standards of professional practice, correct grammar, and appropriate writing style.

Briefly answer the following using the outcomes listed above:

  • How would you rank these outcomes in the creation of a personalized manager-development plan?
  • What outcomes would you add to this list?
  • How will you achieve these outcomes? What personal goals could you could set for yourself based on the outcomes in this program and how will you achieve those personal goals?
  • In what areas do you need to grow? What questions remain to be answered? How will you go about achieving growth and obtaining answers? How will you track your progress?