IMAT5262 Research, Ethics And Professionalism In Computing

Task in IMAT5262 Research, Ethics And Professionalism In Computing

In order to cover the topics of the module, the coursework will consist of an extended research proposal. The topic of the proposal is to be suggested by the student. If you would like to consult on the topic.The topic must be within the broad area of the module, i.e. social and ethical consequences of computing and information technology. Students should submit a different piece of work for their resit. 

Students should then do more detailed research on the topic, undertake a literature review that shows the relevance of the topic and develop a suitable methodology that would allow them to answer it.

The structure of the proposal should include: 



Background / introduction

Research question (should be clear, focused, unambiguous, achievable)

Review of relevant literature, which demonstrates that the research question covers a gap in the literature

Critical review of applicable research methodologies, which discusses available methodologies with regards to the research question, issues of data collection and analysis. Choice of methodology should be clearly justified

3.Literature Review 3 or 4 pages that details the topic,

past developments and history

current situation

ethical issues etc

identifying the gap in knowledge that needs to be addressed.

Section 1 – Review

at least 2 approaches should be detailed (qualitative, quantitative etc)

at least 5 techniques should be discussed (case study, interview, questionnaire….etc)

at least 2 analysis methods should be discussed (statistics, thematic analysis etc)

Section 2 – Selection

identify and explain which tools, techniques, methodology you will be using in the proposal

provide your reasoning for selection

IMAT5262 Research, Ethics And Professionalism In Computing