IG 106 International Human Resources

IG 106 International Human Resources. The objectives of this assignment are to determine the most critical factors in the Host Country that might affect the outcome of the international assignment; identify the best resources to gather and analyze country-specific information; recommend the necessary information required by the expatriate before, during, and after the international assignment; and determine training and other specific preparation required to support the expatriate’s success.


1. Identification of relevant and critical information of the country required by the expatriate prior to departure, and your recommendations based on your analysis. You should consider factors based on a PESTLE analysis (Political – Economical – Social – Technological –Legal – Environmental). You must choose 3 factors that your team considers as the most critical ones that would affect the international assignment.

2. Identification of relevant and critical information of the culture of the host country required by the expatriate prior to departure, and your recommendations based on your analysis. You are encouraged to consider factors such as non-verbal communication, values, taboos, importance of time, social and workplace hierarchy, etc., that would affect the international assignment.

3. Identification of any training required by the expatriate based on the two prior items, including your rationale and personal analysis. Your recommendations for training can be
for before or during the international assignment. 4. Identification of potential unethical practices in the host country, based on the two first items, and your analysis and recommendations to reduce or eliminate such practices during this international assignment.

5. Recommendations for the repatriation process, including an analysis of any issues that the expatriate might face when returning from the international assignment.

Political and Legal factors

1. Are there legislated benefits (different than Canada) that XYZ Inc. would have to cover? Are there labour laws that might impact staffing and compensation, such as extended
holidays/vacation time, work hours, what constitutes overtime, etc.?

2. Is the government stable? If not, might the company have to change the way it operates in the event of unexpected changes in government policies?

3. Are there credential requirements in that country for engineers that the expatriate would need to meet?

4. Are there health-related requirements for foreigners working in the country (e.g., must be of sound health, including certain immunizations or medical tests)?

5. Are there human rights issues that are different than in Canada and how would they affect the expatriate?

Economic climate

1. What is the cost of living? Is it higher than in Canada? Would that affect compensation of a Canadian going there? In what ways?

2. What is the unemployment rate and what types of people are affected? Would this make it easier or harder for the success of the expatriate?

3. Does the economy get disrupted often by strikes, demonstrations, etc. that could affect the operation of the subsidiary? How should the company address this matter with the

Social factors

1. What is the crime rate? Would that affect the safety of Canadians working there

2. What is the primary language? Are there multiple languages required? How might this influence communications with staff in that country?

3. Are there local practices that would violate our integrity rules?

4. How would the expatriate be viewed by local employees? For example, would they respect him because he is from Canada or will they feel as if he is taking a job away from them?

5. Are there any gender issues that XYZ Inc. would need to consider?


1. Is technology highly developed? Will the expatriate need special training?

2. What are the transportation systems like? Would the expatriate be able to drive around or would he have to use public transport?

3. What types of health care facilities are there? How would we ensure appropriate health care for Canadians sent there?


1. Is air / water pollution a major issue? If so, how would we prepare and protect a Canadian in that environment?

2. Are there regulations related to clean manufacturing technologies? Are there certifications required to operate certain equipment?