I will pay for the following essay The Greenpower Car. The essay is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Introduction The components that will be analy

I will pay for the following essay The Greenpower Car. The essay is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Introduction The components that will be analyzed here will heretofore include: 1) the brake disc which is made out of metal. and 2) the tyre which is made out of rubber. The Metal The metal on the brake disc is key as a component. The metal that is usually used on cars is metal that is made out of various kinds of metals that are mixed together—often known as combined metals. Brake discs made out of these metals are made with various different types of metal mixed together because the recombinant metals are stronger when mixed with each other. So, instead of just using pure silver—which is very soft, by itself and in its most purest form—a little bit of silver may be mixed with large amounts of other types of metals, including copper, bronze, and iron, in varying amounts. It really depends upon what the exact type of object is that is being formed, but, without a doubt—for brake discs, mixed or recombinant metals are definitely a major factor in deciding how to put a product together. Without a doubt, the metal that is used in brake discs goes a long way in terms of determining what type of metal will be therefore utilized for the ultimate design of the car. The Rubber Tyres are obviously going to be a big component of the car. And of course, the main focus about the tyre is going to be on the rubber in the tyres. Usually, rubber is used for various parts of the car that require a malleable material to produce a product. Rubber is actually a form of plastic—and it can be highly useful in terms of designing a car. For tyres, rubber can be extremely helpful in determining how a car part will be produced. Rubber is an at-times harder form of plastic which is useful in the production of several various auto parts—including, of course, the tyres. Of course, it would definitely depend upon the car part being produced, but generally speaking, for tyres, rubber is perfect for being integrated in the actual car part itself. Rubber has many uses where car manufacturers simply do not want or need to have very expensive parts utilized—and this is especially true of tyres, which can turn out to be very expensive. Further, it is better to place rubber products in a car where metals are not necessary. It’s very difficult to ascertain, but usually where plastic or rubber will suffice, it is used at every turn. For certain, it is probably most important that either plastic or rubber can be used for several various purposes, and that is why it is so helpful as a substance. Conclusion Whether it is metal or rubber that is used for brake disc(s) and tyre(s), both of these substances have most certainly had a profound effect on the way cars have been produced. Metals—usually combined metals—are utilized in order to make several different parts of the car. Of course, metal is not to be outrivaled by rubber—and also, alternatively, plastic—when it comes to having to use it in order to put extra parts on a car. Metal and rubber are both invaluable parts of any car for brake discs and tyres respectively, and it is hoped that these elements will be more utilized in the future in order to compete in a global economy. Metal and rubber are two very necessary substances in order to produce cars. Therefore, the production of metal and rubber must continue to be encouraged in foreign countries where such substances are supposedly produced more cheaply. No