I will pay for the following essay Ford or Apple Code of Ethics- Business ethic. The essay is to be 12 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Chief Executive Eth

I will pay for the following essay Ford or Apple Code of Ethics- Business ethic. The essay is to be 12 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Chief Executive Ethical Statement As Chief Executive of Apple Inc., I believe that in order for the organization to survive and succeed, it must have a sound set of beliefs on which to base all its policies and actions. In addition, faithfulness to those beliefs is what will ensure corporate success, because it will influence our consumers as to our commitment to being socially responsible. Ferrell et al 2001), states that the globalization process brings individuals of different nations, who bring their cultures, their laws, their values, and different sets of moral and ethical standards to business situations, and to this Apple Inc is totally cognizant, and will utilize such diverse resources to constantly update its ethical code of conduct, to more meaningfully reflect high degrees of relevance to what obtains in the market (Ferrell, F. 2001). Finally, if the organization is going to meet the challenges of changing world market conditions, it must be prepared to reinvent itself constantly around those established beliefs (Hitt, W.D 1990) Apple Inc. Statement of Ethical Principle Apple shall commit itself to invest in the communication means for educating the company employees, business associates and shareholders, to enable them achieve their full potentials in terms of ethical behaviors. To this end it will endeavor to: – Step up its audit and training at all locations around the world. – Make every effort to train all new employees during the first three months of their employment and periodically afterwards (www.dept.ttu.edu/financialandforms/codeofconduct-1-p4f.). – Introduce new guidelines for ethical standards on dormitories, juvenile protection, medical non discriminations, pregnancy non-discrimination, and avoidance of involuntary labors, wages, equitable distribution benefits and the scheduling of working hours especially in Asia and Africa. – Evaluate its Management Commitment Index on a quarterly basis. – Monitor the ethics of the recruitment process on quarterly basis across all organizational lines. – Rate its Suppliers Responsibility Conformance Index. And take action where appropriate. – Promote the highest levels of free expression of ideas and opinions across all organizational lines. -Protect the dignity and privacy of its employees, and ensure confidentiality in all records kept, as well as in their personal lifestyles. Apple Inc. – Outline of Code of Ethics: The Code of Ethics shall be developed along the following outline, A. Introduction B The purpose of the code of ethics C. The Chief Executive ethical prospective D. Apple Statement of Ethical Principles E. Corporate Responsibilities F. Relationship with Shareholders G. Implementation Policies H. Quality Assurance Audits I. Reporting Procedures J. Communication Policies (www.bcorporation.net) K. Educational Strategy Implementation Policies The Code of Ethics for Apple Inc. will be implemented using a 12 step program (www.bcorporation.net). At the outset the program will be subjected to endorsements, integration, circulation, employee feedback, affirmations, contract affiliations, mandatory regular reviews, training, enforcement procedures, translations, networking, and annual reporting. (www.bcorporation.net). Apple Inc. embraces John Stuart Mill’