I am looking to get a 20 slide biblical base Christian Worldview power point that A.

I am looking to get a 20 slide biblical base Christian Worldview power point that A. Identifies key concepts of biblically-based Christian worldviews as compared and contrasted with an alternative worldview. Projects must include all the elements as noted.B. Identify 4 key concepts that define a biblically-based Christian worldview, answering the four main questions below. (Questions in parenthesis include other ways of asking the main [bolded] question and any amy be substituted for, or included in addition to, the main question)1. Who am I? (What is my purppose in the world? What dies it mean to be human? What happens when I die?)2. Where am I? (What is the nature of the world around me? What is real? What is the meaning of history?)3. What’s the problem?(Why is it that I cannot attain happiness/fulfillment? What is the nature of evil? How do I know right from wrong?)4. What’s the remedy? (How can I be happy/fulfilled? How can evil be overcome? Do I have a future?). Utilize and properly cit 2 or more theological sources/scholars.C. Identify an alternative worldview; compare/contrast it with a Christian worldview, using the 4 key concepts/questions above.. Utilize and properly cite 2 or more additional sources/scholars.D. The slide count of 20 +/-2 (including title and references slides). Use the appropriate style manual formatting throughout (Turabian, MLA, or APA) either in the slides or in the “Notes” section. All sources (for ideas as well as quotes) must be cited appropriately to avoid plagiarism and potentially serious academic consequencestotal of 4 sources (minimum)beyond course textbooks is requisite. Internet sources other than complete scholarly books and articles are not allowed, including Groogle Books, Wikipedia, and previews. Again, sources other than textbooks must be scholarly/academic(rather than popular). Regardless of the form/media, books,essay collections, and journal articles are preferred.