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HTC Value Chain Model Analysis for smartphones and tablets
Primary Activities for Smartphones
Inbound logistic: HTC Corp. operates in more than twenty-one countries where its smartphones are readily available at the local stores. With its headquarters based in Taiwan,the smartphones after manufacturing, and exported to various countries for display at the local retail stores(Park et al., 2012).
Operations:With HTC operating in more than twenty-one countries, major manufacturing and top management operations occur in Taiwan, Asia. This is where Peter Chou as the Managing Director first founded the company in 1997 (Liu, Chen and Chen, 2011).
Outbound logistics:The distribution and sale of smartphones manufactured by HTC Corp. entails both conducting business online and conventional sales through the distribution stores(Liu, Chen and Chen, 2011).
Marketing and sales:HTC adopts a unique marketing strategy whereby individual businesses pinpoint their own market structures and sell the smartphones accordingly (, 2012).
Service:Service delivery is at its best at HTC where after sales service is offered and the staff act in a competent and professional manner by always meeting customers’ demands.
Support Activities for Smartphones
Procurement: The purchase of accessories and other manufacturing materials is normally in privacy in order to protect the firm from unhealthy competition (Park et al., 2012).
Human Resource Management:As HTC value its staff, regular training, and staff motivations through incentives are common within the HTC fraternity (Park et al., 2012).
Technology Development: HTC heavily relies on technological advancements not only to produce more appealing smartphones to customers, but also as a way of staying ahead of the competition (Park et al., 2012).
Firm infrastructure:HTC infrastructure comprises a range of support occupations for example planning, accounting, management, money matters, andlegal backingto ensure smooth running of the entire chain (, 2012).
Primary Activities for Tablets
Inbound logistics:HTC Corp has established various stores across the globe with its main tablet manufacturing plant in Taiwan (Park et al., 2012).
Operations: While operating in an oligopolistic market structure, HTC has licensed many of its distributor channels to carry out various activities relating to tablet manufacture and sale (Liu, Chen and Chen, 2011).
Outbound logistics: HTC distributes its tablets worldwide through its major centers (Liu, Chen and Chen, 2011).
Marketing and sales: Thehigh competition in the tablet industry calls for more aggressive marketing and sales strategies. HTC achieves this through online marketing and sales of its tablets and constantly increasing its global distribution stores (, 2012).
Service:Service delivery at HTC is valued to ensure customer satisfaction and to increase tablet sales.
Support Activitiesfor Tablets
Procurement: With a procuring department in place, HTC ensures that the purchaseof tablet components and other materials goes in accordance with the requirements and is timely thus minimizing waste (Park et al., 2012).
Human Resource Management:I order to stay at the top of the game, HTC promotes division of labor to enhance efficiency, and reduce work overlap (Park et al., 2012).
Technology Development: As technology keeps on advancing, HTC incorporates this through manufacturing tablets with more features than the rest of the competition (Park et al., 2012).
Firm infrastructure:The HTC management has put in place firm institutions and control systems such as accounting, accounting, planning, and management to ensure production of more tablets (, 2012).
In conclusion, HTC can use the value chain analysis for strategic planning and for gaining competitive advantage over its customers. This in turn improves on the competitive strength and customer satisfaction.
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