HRMT2226 Introduction To Human Resources

HRMT2226 Introduction To Human Resources. Clearly identify the Industry, Companies Evaluated, and Date on the 1st page.

HRMT2226 Introduction To Human Resources

Use information from 3 companies in your industry and your textbook to research and create a paper covering the following headings:

· Mission and vision for each company, description of search process.

· Strategic goals of the organizations

· Diversity management plans of the organizations

· Analysis and assessment:

Introduction To Human Resources

How sophisticated are the practices in the industry relative to your textbook?

How closely do the practices follow the recommendations in the textbook?

What are the overall strengths and weaknesses of this industry in this area of HR practice?

Be sure to include the rubric below on the last page of your report. HRMT2226 Introduction To Human Resources

Original documents/web sites used should be referenced using APA format