HRMT 620 MBA Canadian Business

HRMT 620 MBA Canadian Business. Your task is to analyze the job description – provided for HR Professionals – in the light of theory and concepts learned in this course:

1.You are required to select one HR related professional job (Skill level A) from Canadian Government NOC list, link provided, then lookup for similar job title’s description as provided by any BC (British Columbia) based company to see if there are any differences in the job description:
Explain the reason for changes – if any – in  BC based HR professional job description

2.Do you think the job description as provided in NOC list is apt and carefully outlines the major duties of the role across Canada?
You can analyze job tasks and sub tasks here
You might want to consider the level of desired education in here as well

3.If you were asked to update the Job description what changes would you make and why?
HRMT 620 MBA Canadian Business