HRMN300-Human Resource Management

Assignment in HRMN300-Human Resource Management

You are the HR Manager at the local airport. It is an increasingly busy airport, and this has meant that a significant number of new employees have been recruited. As a result, there has been a large demand for learning and development. 

An area of learning and development which has particularly concerned you has been the training of security staff. It is very important that they follow the rules very closely, but it is also important that they have good customer service skills and treat the publicly respectfully. You have been asked to write a learning and development strategy for the airport as a whole, and to design a specific intervention for the airport staff. 

It is important that your reflective statements include relevant frameworks such as Gibbs’ reflective cycle, Schön’s reflective cycle, Kolb’s learning cycle and Honey and Mumford’s learning styles. 

CIPD professional behaviours are also particularly useful in this assignment. The link for this is

1.Critically evaluate and justify the approach that you could use for identifying the learning and development needs at the organisational and individual levels. Explain the importance of engaging other named stakeholders in this process. 

2.Choose two different learning and development interventions to meet the training needs of the security staff. With reference to relevant instructional design theories, critically evaluate the effectiveness of the selected interventions in ensuring both compliance to the rules and improving customer service.

3.Using one of the interventions proposed in Task (2): 

a)Using an appropriate template, produce and present a learning plan for the security staff.  

b.Produce an appropriate 30-minute session plan about mental health to meet the identified security staff needs in a timely, feasible and cost-effective way. The learning plans should identify aims and objectives, time scales for completion, resources required, appropriate learning techniques, review dates, assessment strategies, evaluation methods, benefits for the employee and the organisations etc. Your learning and session plans should demonstrate skills of delivery and facilitation of learning. Produce a reflective statement explaining and justifying the reasons behind your choice of learning and development approaches and use of resources.

c) Write a reflective statement explaining and justifying your choice of evaluation methods. Provide evidence of appropriate evaluation methods to assess the effectiveness of the learning plans and interventions. 

d)Write a reflective statement critically evaluating how you demonstrated commitment to inclusion, equality of opportunity and diversity in the design and delivery of learning. HRMN300-Human Resource Management

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