HRMN 3841: Employee And Labour Relations

HRMN 3841: Employee And Labour Relations. Write a three part essay of  words by responding to the following prompts:

Part A:
The Write Way Stationary Company develops high quality customized stationary goods. They have been in operation since 1989, and employ 35 individuals in a variety of different jobs. Employees are considering organizing themselves, to form a union.Describe the steps of union organization, including detailing the certification drive process.

Part B:
Describe the restrictions that apply to both the union and the employer while the certificate drive is occurring. What happens if either of the parties violate these restrictions?

Part C:
Assuming the employees successfully work through the certification process and form a union, they will need to negotiate a collective agreement. Key issues for the employees include concerns around their pay and benefits, hours of work, sick leave and vacation time. Describe the process they will go through to prepare for negotiations with management