HRMG842 Diversity And Inclusion

Task: in HRMG842 Diversity And Inclusion

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this paper, the student will be able to:

1.Examine the context for a strategic approach to diversity and inclusion

2.Demonstrate advanced knowledge of leadership and diversity in the context of global mobility

3.Critically evaluate the impact of diversity and inclusion on organisational performance

4.Analyse power and privilege and their implication for engagement at work

5.Explain the significance of intersectionality for organisations


An organisation has invited you as an internal/external consultant to study the organisation and suggest a diversity and inclusion action plan and evaluation.

Your choice of organisation can be based on an organisation where you have worked, volunteered or a real organisation (not fictional) you have read about.

The CEO of the organisation is well-versed in the diversity and inclusion literature.

Therefore, you will be linking the items below to relevant scholarly literature and theory and justifying your choice of the various aspects of the plan.

You are expected to utilise a minimum of ten references, of which at least six are scholarly peer reviewed journal articles –

suggest articles in the time frame of 2010-2020.

This written assignment is to be submitted in week six through Turnitin before class.

1.Describe the organisation and its relevant stakeholders for diversity and inclusion.

2.Based on your extensive in-depth research (through library databases and publicly available material), please select one or two areas (for example gender, religion) which will be your focus in the comprehensive diversity and inclusion action plan for this organisation and justify your choice.

3.Discuss how you will evaluate the action plan.

4.You will be making a five-minute presentation to the Board on one or two areas of diversity and inclusion that you consider significant for your full written assignment.

Presentations will be done in class in week four and five. The aim of the presentation is to demonstrate in a concise manner your chosen area/s of diversity and inclusion.

You may utilise a maximum of two slides but you can also choose to make the presentation without any slides.

At the start of the presentation you are expected to hand over to your lecturer a summary of your presentation on one-page A4 size sheet (250 words).

Please ensure your A4 sheet has your name, ID number and title of your presentation.

Should you decide to use slides, there is no need to provide a hard copy of the slides to the lecturer. Based on feedback for the presentation, you can further fine tune your written assignment.