HRMG3505 Training And Development

Purpose in HRMG3505 Training And Development. To acquire information to validate or to inform decisions around Training and Development initiatives

Example: Top management has indicated that they believe customer service is falling short and that employees in the call centre need customer service training.

What do we need to know to validate this as true and what things do we need to know to develop an effective intervention?

Assignment One:

1. Briefly describe the organization in terms of mission, values, and goals and objectives. Describe the current/present state of affairs and what “should be” or what is desired. Marks (5)

Keep in mind that this is a plan to implement a needs assessment in terms of your thinking and rationale. You are not actually doing the Needs Assessment at this point.

2. Using the handout provided to you, identify the sources of information that you would address at the learning/ individual level, the organizational level, and the task level. Your completed strategy should identify:

· Specific information required (Questions that you are asking yourself to support the analysis)

· Sources of information

· Data gathering methods used

Use your text Chapter Three as a resource to help you with the methods. The internet will also serve as a good reference at this point. Marks (15)

Example of Format: This is a sample only. Please do not rely on this as a copy for what you might identify. Apply your personal thinking to the assignment.

LevelInformation Required; Questions you would ask yourself?SourceMethod
Organizational       · How does this organization compare to similar organizations in terms customer service?· What is being said by others with respect to customer service?· What does the Board have to say?· What is the strategic direction of the organization?· Ipsos Reid Surveys· Customer Service Reports· Internet· Internal Customer Service Reports· CEO; Senior ManagementBoard membersMeeting MinutesStrategic PlanReview of stats  Document Review InterviewInterviewDocument Review
Person/Performance· What specific challenges do managers see their employees facing on a daily basis?· What challenges do employees see themselves facing?· Do employees feel that they have the necessary skills to do the job?· How would employees rate themselves in terms of customer service?· What do employees think that customers and managers are saying about their performance?· What kind of feedback is given to employees on their performance?· What do employees feel would best support them in doing their job?· What incentives are provided for good employee performance?· How do employees feel about their jobs/their managers?ManagersEmployeesEmployeesEmployeesEmployeesManagersEmployeesEmployeesManagersEmployeesInterviewInterviewSurveyInterviewSurveyInterviewSurveyInterviewSurveyInterviewSurveyInterviewInterviewInterviews
Task· What KSAO’s are required for the job?· What are the key components of the job?· What are the most critical skills and competencies required for successful performance?Current Job DescriptionHR and ManagersEmployeesManagersManagersEmployeesSubject Matter ExpertsDocument ReviewInterview SurveyObservationInterview Interview

3. Explain your rationale to support your choices of methods for attaining information (why are you doing what you are doing and why does it make sense for the organization and specific position that you have identified in section one) Provide examples of the questions that you might ask to identify needs at each level (this may have been identified in the preceding section. Identify and describe any other implications that you may consider when conducting your Needs Assessment. Marks (5)