HRM331e Human Resource Managment

Introduction to this End of Course Assessment (ECA)

HRM331e Human Resource Managment. This ECA makes up for 50% of the overall course evaluation component. This ECA is designed to assess your understanding and application of class concepts.

Question 1:

Analyse table 4 of the case provided below. Based on your reading of the case and analysis of the case, come up with specific reasons as to why the engagement numbers are the way they are.

Question 2:

Analyse and examine some of the problems with Life@Ease talent management programme. Be sure to relate to theories and principles we have covered in class.

Question 3:

Based on your analysis and evaluation of the case, design a talent management programme, and engagement plan to increase engagement levels, retention and performance. You can think out of the box and be creative in your solutions.

Question 4:

Given the strategic direction of Life@Ease to start local and go global and to be innovative, what are the competencies that you think employees at Life@Ease would need to “go global” and be innovative. Based on your research on cultural agility and ability to be innovative, develop a competencies framework that would reflect the direction of Life@Ease. Your competencies framework should be specific to the industry and context of Life@Ease. HRM331e Human Resource Managment