HRM3204-Managing People

Assignment Brief

HRM3204-Managing People. You are required to attempt ONLY ONE of the two questions below:

1.  Artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting human resource tasks and practices in many ways.

a. Identify and elaborate human resource tasks and practices that AI has impacted. 

b. Examine the positive and negative impact of AI on managing people in an organization and make recommendations on how the negative impact may be reduced/resolved. 

2. HRM is evolving with the change in competitive business market environments. The lifestyles, mentality and requirements of masses are also changing rapidly. Now employees want a balance between work and family life.

a. Discuss the various methods open to employers to provide employees with a work life balance. 

b. Analyse how flexibility at work influences employee diversity in an organisation. 

Learning Outcomes

1.Evaluate the contribution people make to organisational success and the key challenges associated with managing people in organisation; HRM3204-Managing People

2.Critically analyse the main strategic approaches to people management and the links to business strategies;

3.Examine the scope of people management activities/ practices outlining the key characteristics and contemporary debates associated with each HR activity.

4.Compare and contrast theories and models associated with people management and its related activities with practice;

5.Apply knowledge to actual issues in organisations and make relevant recommendations;

6.Structure written work appropriately in order to communicate HRM analysis effectively.